Wi-Fi IP Camera surveillance

Web of CamWi-Fi IP Camera surveillance is a program developed to work turning their device into a kind of surveillance camera.

The software is completely free and allows you to take care of environments without having to put your hand in your pocket spending with equipment or with the hiring of any specialized company.

Just install the application on the device and set it to the camera. Then position it the way you want. Is it possible to turn the gadget’s screen without interrupting the operation of the Wi-Fi IP Camera surveillance, something able to prolong the battery life of your device.

In the options of the application you are able to determine the quality of video and broadcast, and you can also set a password for all those wanting to follow the videos produced by your gadget.

Speaking of which, to attend the filming, simply have the software installed on another device, be it another Android, iOS device or even a Nokia S60. In that other gadget, visit the Wi-Fi IP Camera surveillance and choose the option “Viewer”. The program performs a search on the net, identifying those who are filming something.

In addition, if you do not have any other unit, but are using the program, simply access the address at the bottom of the display of your device while he’s filming. Through this link you can watch it all directly on the screen of your computer.

Above you gave a complete description about the Wi-Fi IP Camera surveillance and its functionalities, know now what we think of Wi-Fi IP Camera surveillance is a program able to quickly turn your gadget in a real surveillance camera. The software runs very direct, so that in a few movements anyone is able to use it without any difficulty.

During our tests most of the features present in the application worked fine. Turn the gadget in camera is quick and he gets up and running almost instantly, without any configuration or that complicate its use.

You are able to determine the quality of video, something very interesting for those who need a more elaborate transmission. On the other hand, there is no option for streaming audio too, something that would be very welcome.

Also there is a recording tool or to identify the drives field of capture functions practically mandatory for this kind of software. Even so, the Wi-Fi IP Surveillance Camera shown useful for several different functions, either as or even for security monitoring of an environment with children, for example.

To watch? Only if it’s on your PC!

In our tests, the visualization tool of Wi-Fi IP Surveillance Camera didn’t work as well as the camera. Tried to pair a second device with the who was shooting for the video, however, despite him until I do find the first gadget, we can’t watch anything.

Thus, the transmission of movies didn’t happen a device to another. The tool worked well when we access the link provided by the program in the display of the device that was working as a monitoring camera.