skinaThe Skina is more an application to buy and sell used items. It works very simply: you can register the product with few steps or search for what you want.

If you want to sell, just take product photos — preferably on a white background and with good lighting — and indicate name, description and price. You must also provide address, but the app shows only the city and the region to strangers.

To buy something, you can use the categories or do a direct search. He also brings an option search websites that all kinds of items near where you are. To search, you don’t have to login, but if you want to talk with the seller or even put something up for sale, it is necessary to register.

The Skina is 100% free — that is, the sellers do not have to pay anything to advertise their products. All negotiations are made directly between the parties concerned, and the app is not responsible for any problem involving the shipping and payment.

The Skina is an application for the purchase and sale of used goods that have potential, but still disappoints a bit. He has many bugs, for example, which ends up discouraging enough. Overall, however, this app is very interesting and worth to be tested.

What could be better?

On the images of dissemination of the app, it looks beautiful, with crisp images and a layout that facilitates this preview. It’s not what happens in reality: the Skina presented a serious bug in the initial screen. To access the app with the appliance vertically, he showed the ads so stretched that it was impossible to see the name or price of the product, and the pictures were too small.

Another problem was that, when opening an announcement, he presented a limitation well great. In app details window you can insert a photo gallery, but it cover the top of these images with a dark gradient, making the preview of this feature is well engaged.

In an ad for a dress, for example, it was impossible to see the details at the top, since this semi-transparent gradient was disturbing. You can open each photo to enlarge, but this is not indicated anywhere, and if you don’t know that this is possible, it may end up not seeing the images of complete form.

What draws attention

The Skina is a new and still has much to improve, but many aspects of the app already draw attention and make him worthy of the test. For example, the ranking for geolocation makes it easy to find something in your area, to avoid paying shipping and have more security in the transaction. Another interesting point is that it makes it very simple to create an ad.

You can do this by following steps quickly and is it possible to put a product into the air in less than five minutes. However, as the photos are RAPS with his own cell phone, it is recommended to use a good appliance and light well the environment to highlight more the object that you want to sell. The Skina is completely free, you don’t need any kind of Commission to the app.

Is it worth it?

The Skina still has much to improve, but it’s an app with potential to be an opportunity to more than trying to sell what you no longer use. He does not have many users, but you can share your ad on Facebook automatically to call their friends and acquaintances to the page of your product.

It is important that this app to evolve a lot, however, if he wants to compete with other important tools of this type, as the OLX and I got sick. A good start for this is he wins a site too, since many people still use the computer to make this kind of purchase, and not just the cell phone.