Scheduler For Whatsapp

whatsapp-schedulerWhatsapp has became the most popular messenger among people. People share their thoughts and meet their friends and family through whatsapp. Because it’s one of the most convenient method for communication. Whatsapp has more facilities comparing to other messengers. Through whatsapp we can maintain the relationship between our old friends. Once anyone addicts to whatsapp, it’s very difficult to discourage them from using whatsapp because it bothers him too much. He may miss his family, friends and relatives. Therefore everyone likes to maintain their whatsapp and connect with friends and family.

Therefore today I am going to introduce about an application known as ‘scheduler for Whatsapp’. This application would be useful for the permanent Whatsapp users.

Sometime we might had an occasion of getting a quarrel from our friends or relatives because of not wishing them for their birthday or on any other days. And also our loved ones might had complained us that we are not wishing them by saying Good morning / Good night. These all are the faults that occur from us because of our busyness. Therefore this application is essential for us. Now we can solve all our friends’ and relatives’ complaints.

This application enables you to schedule messages on future with specified time. No matter whether we are busy on work, this application send wishes and messages automatically upon your order. The only thing we have to do is to choose the contact whom we need to wish, then write the message and schedule time and date for when it wants to be sent. You can also set the period of time to send messages automatically like daily, weekly or monthly. So that, if you have entrusted anything with anyone that is to be done after a long time, you can remind the same by scheduling the particular date and time. Then the app will automatically send him messages. And you can schedule messages like Good morning / Good afternoon/ Good extra to your friends. And you can remind your loved ones to take medicines on time by scheduling those things in application. So that they will realize, you are caring them more. And you can also schedule messages to your relatives that to be sent more frequently. This will help to renew your relationship with your friends and relatives and maintain the friendship with them.

> Accessibility settings must be enabled for using this application.
> Scheduled messages would not be sent if you have kept your phone with screen lock.