Review: MySelf, the accessory to do perfect with smartphone selfies

myselfPart of today’s smartphones now come with front camera of 5 MP or more. Even with that, however, they don’t always manage to make good pictures, due to the cheap lenses that the manufacturers put or simply because there is no suitable image processing system. In other words, to take great selfies with the front camera, you have to buy a top of the line expensive. A loophole, however, would be to buy one MySelf.

This little accessory works basically as a viewfinder for your analog device, because it literally mirrors behind the images that appear on the screen of your device. With this you can take selfies with the rear camera without suffering to fit everyone in the photo or end up with a landscape cut.
This is interesting because the cameras back to virtually any smartphone are considerably better, not just resolution, but also in processing, quality lenses and focus. That is, the results are always more attractive.

The MySelf is basically a plastic box that can be purchased in several different colors. Inside, there are two mirrors arranged in order to replicate the images of the screen back in order to allow you to see everything that the camera is “picking up.”The current price it on the official online shop of the manufacturer is R$ 24.90, but there are discounts for those who purchase multiple drives at once. If you’re a retailer, you can get a special price when you purchase a package with 100 units.


Make the best selfies

The Setup process and use of MySelf is as simple as himself. You just need to install an app on your phone, place the accessory on it and do the calibration. All of this takes no more than 3 minutes the first time, and only 3 seconds in the next.

You can use the MySelf on smartphones with Android 4.0 or higher, 7.1 or higher or iOS Windows Phone 8.1 and 10. The functions are the same on all three platforms, but the interfaces are somewhat different, with some distinct buttons too. The highlight is the version of MySelf for Android, which is more intuitive.


After installing the app on your device, insert the MySelf so that he stays on the side opposite the volume buttons. The plastic part that has a round hole should be on the screen of the device.
After that, you should put your finger in that little hole and leave it there for 3 seconds. It is necessary to calibrate the app and show the camera images properly in the Viewer.

Now, you just need to use the volume buttons to take pictures, if your smartphone has this type of shortcut. If this is not your case, tap the screen to capture. There is also the possibility to use MySelf with a selfie cock and shoot the camera with his remote control. If you prefer, the app from MySelf has the possibility to set a timer.


Is it worth it?

Well worth buying MySelf, especially if you’re one of those users who take lots of pictures with friends or are about to travel to someplace nice. The accessory is cheap, no passing of r $ 25, and is portable and compact. He is also very simple to use, and your app is compatible with all major mobile platforms.

He certainly isn’t the most elegant solution to take good pictures with your phone, but if you don’t have money to buy a 2 or 3 1000, MySelf most certainly is a good option.The manufacturer sent us several units of MySelf to the realization of this analysis.