Quick Access Popup

The Quick Access Popup is a menu that can be accessed quickly with a keyboard shortcut, allowing you to open folders, documents, Web sites and favorite apps with just a click.

It works like this: you set up a shortcut (by default, it opens with the click of a mouse scroll) and can open this menu anywhere in the PC, to instantly access your favorite sites.

You can place folders, files, shortcuts to websites, applications, and other items in Quick Access Popup. You can even create submenus to better organize your favorites into categories, if you want to have quick access to many sites or documents.

To do this, simply open the menu once, and enter the settings, which can also be done by the shortcut Shift + Ctrl + s. in the settings, just click on the items that you want to remove from the Quick Access Popup and use the “remove” button. Have the “add” button allows to choose a type of item to be added to the quick access menu.

Quick Access Popup

You can change the shortcuts for Quick Access Popup, which is highly recommended. As it starts by default with the middle mouse button set to open it, it might end up creating conflict with other apps — for example, this is the shortcut to close a tab in the browser. You can change the key combination or add delete apps, where the menu does not work.

Use the “Add folder” to quickly put any Explorer folder in the Quick Access menu Popup. In the settings, you can edit the name of the sites and to their position on the list of this special context menu.

Above you gave a complete description about the Quick Access Popup and its functionalities, know now what we think of The Quick Access Popup is a context menu which serves as a shortcut to any folder, document, application, and site. It works correctly and is extremely easy to set up, which makes this a very interesting option for those who want more convenience in the use of Windows.

Quick Access Popup

The great advantage of Quick Access Popup is that this app is completely customizable. You can get and put any item to be opened quickly, being easy to configure it. He brings submenus and allows you to organize the whole list in a way that makes sense to you — that is, you can leave this shortcut exactly the way you want.

In this way, although I’ve come up with a suggestion of formatting, the Quick Access Popup fits the user, not the other way around. He is all in Portuguese and is an interesting tool for those who do not want to have a lot of work, it’s possible to configure it completely in less than five minutes.

Is it worth it?

The Quick Access Popup is one of the best launchers for Windows, since it can be 100% customizable and has options to add folders, documents, websites, applications and other types of items. It works like a normal context menu, so its use is organic and you don’t need to spend time getting used to the new tool.

That is, worth download the Quick Access Popup: he is one of the best shortcut menus to Windows and will surely leave the computer usage faster and adapted to what you need.