Pop Dash – Music Runner

Pop Music-Dash Runner is a game that has everything to please various types of users. He’s a very fun mixture of Temple Run with Guitar Hero mobile version, with gambling and great soundtrack.

The game is focused in the pop world, with several international renowned artists as the background to the dispute. The first phase is a tutorial that will show you how you should play, always respecting the markings on the ground.

Slide sideways in blue and green buttons, touch down when you see a purple button and up in yellow. In some cases, you must follow a specific route, but can also get boost with precise movements in the correct scenario points.

All this is done in the rhythm of the music and always respecting the three tracks of the route, similar to the success Temple Run. Collect the coins and musical instruments to meet the challenges and complete the dozens of stages that the game offers.

pop dash

Your scores are recorded via Google Play games, and you can use the golden coins to buy new avatars and power ups to help you go even further in each of the challenges.

Division by stages

Unlike many games of that style have only the survival mode, Pop Music-Dash Runner works with both options. You have a mission in each phase, but after reach it, you can choose to follow the games to make a mistake and lose, thus ensuring even more coins and increasing your score.

In addition, the game has temporary themed challenges, which can leave the dispute even more interesting. The songs and the scenarios in all phases are constantly changing, making Pop Music-Dash Runner is an excellent hobby, always engaging and dynamic.

Pop Music-Dash Runner is an excellent hobby for your smartphone or tablet. He managed to mix with great success two very popular titles, bringing elements of Temple Run and Guitar Hero mobile, with a fun and addictive gambling.

Quality graphics and great soundtrack

Visually, the game is very nice. We have high definition content, and characters of varying styles and scenes rich in details, which are constantly changing during the matches. Pop Music-Dash Runner has quality even in time of defeat, since shows funny animations for their mistakes during the game.

The soundtrack, as it should be, is one of the great highlights of the game. It would be great to be able to count on full songs, but, as this could result in charges to the players, we are content with the snippets of pop music of various artists, with content that is easily recognizable by anyone who loves to hear the songs of the moment.

The move follows well the rhythm of the background music; whenever the range is changed, we have visual changes that accompany this change. An interesting feature and well built.

Stages, challenges and upgrades

Unlike many titles with similar style to the Temple Run, Pop Music-Dash Runner is divided into several phases. This causes you to have a gambling a little more paused and fulfill different objectives, not making the challenge so repetitive. In addition, we have temporary challenges and many opportunities to upgrade the character, with several avatars. All this makes the game become more engaging.

Not everything is perfect, the game makes use of lives, which means you spend a power point for each phase and may have to wait a bit to resume the matches. Still, Pop Music-Dash Runner is a title of great quality and that should please in full to fans of good games action skill, with the soundtrack.