Parallel Space-Multi Accounts

Parallel SpaceThis is a common scenario nowadays: the person has two accounts and need to use the same service. However, be alternating between the profiles can be something tiresome for most users. Was thinking about the solution of this problem that arose the Parallel Space-Multi Accounts.

With it you manage multiple accounts from an application that does not allow multiple accounts from a single device. For this, the tool mimics the application in question is already using an account as if it were a separate application with its own cacheable data. That is, if you have a personal number in WhatsApp through the app installed, you can also include a number for professional contact via instance in Parallel Space-Multi Accounts.

The solution is compatible with any device that has the Android 4.0 or higher version, does not require root access and, interestingly, occupies only 2 MB in the internal memory.

Once installed, tap the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen, choose one of the applications from the list and add your secondary account. The procedure is fast, secure and completely free.

Above you gave a complete description about the Parallel Space-Multi Accounts and its functionalities, know now what we think of Parallel Space is a tool that allows you to open the same application with two different accounts. With it you can have two versions of the same application running, with two accounts and different configurations.

This works for those who want to separate personal and work accounts, using two accounts in games like Clash of Clans or even just use two sets of different configurations. The tool is lightweight and completely free.

During the test, it is possible to notice a considerable increase in the unit’s battery consumption, that whereas there were two Facebooks open at the same time. However, the memory consumption was stable, avoiding any kind of slowdown or crash.