Netflix is a service for streaming movies and serials that brings a huge catalog, full of titles of various classifications. For a small monthly fee, you can access these productions from any device, including tablets and mobile phones with Android or iOS.

You can choose the user who is watching, find selected content, view the last access, configure the account, access specific episodes of series and much more. With a good WiFi connection, you can watch any content quickly.

Using the service

With Netflix, you can search for titles through the various program categories, such as “TV Series”, “Comedy”, “Drama”, “independent” Films, “movies for the family and children”, and more.

In addition, the program creates custom categories based on your preferences, such as: “Top 10”, with a list of ten nominations than watch; and lists “Because you watched” which features similar options to the films and series that you’ve seen on Netflix.

The initial screen of the site always seeks to present custom options. In addition to the options reported in the paragraph above, the Netflix will also suggest categories based on what you’ve watched, in addition to displaying movies and series that you haven’t finished watching and your Favorites list.


Netflix is one of the best customers of the video streaming service, especially after the most recent updates. With a beautiful, organized menus and intelligent capabilities, you can enjoy one of the best experiences with this tool.

Perfect for touch screens
To begin with, the navigation of the program is extremely organized and fluid. You can view several options home screen relevant and useful, as your list of favorites, the latest movies and series that you haven’t finished watching and various suggestions.

The interface is focused on large lists and suggestions and all other menus are hidden. You can get any title too, just use search.

Satisfactory experience of usp

The pages of each program have very useful information, such as year of production, amount of seasons, special features (HD quality and support for Dolby Digital), gender, creator and main star, as in the browser.

In addition, you can view a short synopsis of each episode and a progress bar that allows you to see if the program has already seen and if he was interrupted in some part. You can also sort the video directly through this page to customize your preferences.

A very interesting feature of these pages is that some information is transformed into tags that can be searched, as genres, and names of Directors and actors. Another interesting detail is that you can change the episode without having to go back to the previous menu, for example.