Eusing Free Video Converter for a wide format conversion range

Although in 2017 pretty much every device support some basic formats of video, this fact doesn’t eliminate the needs for a video conversion software. The task is so basic that most people opt for a free software, except the ones who need video converter tools for professional use. Eusing Free Video Converter is a very lightweight program that doesn’t take much toll on a computer system e.g. the CPU, memory or storage. With Eusing Free Video Converter program, a user will be able to convert to and from formats like AVI, MOV, 3GP, MP4, WMV, SWF etc. These formats allow for video playback in portable devices mostly, like an iPhone, Android smartphone or old school Symbian devices.

Download and Install
Downloading takes a few moments from the Eusing platform, or popular third party software distribution platforms. Installation is like any regular Windows OS software. Just initiate the executable installer and you should be good to go. Depending on your PC, the installation could take a while. We recommend using a video converter software only in a multi-core CPU environment for the best and fastest output.

Video Conversion
Upon initiation, Eusing Video Converter free would ask for the preferred output parameters. User can define the output resolution, bitrate, audio format, audio bitrate, frequency etc. If the compression format is changed, video size would most likely increase. For example, if a video is converted into AVI format from MP4, user should expect a huge leap in the file size.

However, selecting a file in Eusing has to be done using a Windows Explorer window. There is no support for drag & drop file addition, this seemed to be a drawback in the software UI. If choosing video parameters is not really one’s forte, then the predefined video templates are always there.

Usability and UI

By default, FFmpeg is the codec that Eusing Free Converter uses and utilizes. User can define another codec and mark that default if required. The software is notably easy to use and the user interface is plain and simple. Even one who is amateur at video conversion will be able to figure things out at one go. The help file helps out the newbies in most manners.

Apart from regular video conversion features, the Eusing Free Video Converter main interface shows ‘check for updates’ option. There’s nothing much to care about in this window, we found this rather useful. A lot of branding or clutter of useful or useless features in a main window only makes a video converter to appear difficult in most people’s eyes.

Eusing Video Converter Performance
The software never missed a shot at doing good video conversion. Every time we needed a video converted to another format retaining its original quality, it was done. The test computer had a Core i5 2nd generation CPU and 8GB of RAM which is quite speedy, converting an AVI file to MP4 of 500 MB took around 90 seconds.

For a video conversion software that just works okay, Eusing Free Video Converter is the one to go for. It’s free, and it’s very useful. Eusing Video Converter is just fine for the average media consumer people.