The CuteDJ is a handy tool both for those who want a simpler and player who likes to play with sound being played; that is, it can be used both by amateurs or by those who wish to start to specialize in the art of DJing.

The truth is, he has hundreds of professional resources, but provides the most important so that you can switch between songs with softness and even adjust the Equalization of the tracks, change your speed, turn up the gain etc.

The software integrates with iTunes and allows you to choose the songs in your playlist directly from the player library. At the end of the party, you can export the songs played to a playlist from iTunes and make them available for anyone who enjoyed the sound.

He also works in conjunction with external MIDI/HID controllers of various brands (Behringer, Numark, Denon, Hercules, Akai, American Audio, Beamz, M-Audio, PCDJ, Reloop and Vestax), simply connect the hardware to your computer and use the “LEARN” software, to start using it along with the CuteDJ.

Use of the docks

One of the key features and basic in any program used by DJs is the separation of the playlist in docks, which allow you to choose and equalize a song while the other is being reproduced. Drag a song from the library to the first dock, or the station, and click on the “play button”.

While the first song played, you must drag the next song to the second dock, or station b. Enjoy the run time of the first track to adjust your EQ. Use, for that, the central control panel (“Mixer”), found between stations. You can change the levels of bass, MIDs and highs and change the gain.


The CuteDJ application is a mixture of an incredibly easy-to-use tool with a solid and comprehensive software for professionals.

Right off the bat, what draws the most attention is that the docks are incredibly well equipped and everything is shown in a way that is visually interesting, with buttons and controls that resemble a real dock and help even those who never came with a software like that, since everything is very well explained, simply leave the mouse over an item to find out what he does.

Besides the appearance, functionality is also a positive point, since the CuteDJ has many advanced tools worthy of a professional table, as advanced processing effects, pitch control etc. In addition, he also has the basic controls, such as changing the speed of the track, marking points of repetition, the equalizer controls etc.

He may not be the most suitable for professional DJs that already operate in the area and have another favorite software, but for someone who wants to learn and begin to mix, he presents himself as a good alternative. The price ($ 129.95) could be an impediment, since there are free software (Virtual DJ, for example), but you have to realize its advantages.

For example, the possibility of using external MIDI/HID controllers natively is a big advantage, especially for the amount of supported tags (Behringer, Numark, Denon, Hercules, Akai, American Audio, Beamz, M-Audio, PCDJ, Reloop and Vestax) and the ease of synchronizing between hardware and software.

In the tests, however, the program failed to run on one of the Macs due to a compatibility issue of screen resolution with the CuteDJ skin. This can be a problem if you have a Mac Mini and want to use it on a TV (it was the case in this test), but should not be a concern for anyone who uses a MacBook or iMac.