CleanUI and Lock Screen Transform Your Android to iOS Style

It is common in the interest of our wallpapers, of the same buttons and themes of our cell phone. With CleanUI is possible to give the face of the iPhone to your Android device. If you like, but don’t want to change your phone, this is an application that can help you.

Basically, CleanUI is a theme for Android, but not those who just change their wallpaper and maximum change an icon or other. The changes offered by the application are radicals and really transform your device interface in something very close to it.

Radical changes

To apply the theme, much of what you know in your device is changed. Your folders, notification screen, lock screen, wallpaper, icons and so on, everything stays as close as possible to the Apple System.

You can customize the appearance of the own theme CleanUI configurations, but keep in mind that by emulating a different system, certain elements do not work the same way. If you want to adapt the best of both worlds, you need to spend some time looking at the settings of the application – which is all in English – to suit best your experience.

Between the options of customization, we can change the appearance of icons and wallpapers, the notification system, screen lock, sounds of the interface, and more. All new components offered by CleanUI can be changed and optimized to your liking.


Above you gave a complete description about the CleanUI and its functionalities, know now what we think of Are you wanting an iPhone due to its clean interface and didactics. You can have an experience very similar to iOS with CleanUI without having to change your smartphone. There are dozens of customizations for your Android to be very similar to the Apple operating system.

There are many themes out there that don’t change much when applied in our cell phones. However, CleanUI really stands out in terms of transformation, because almost all aspects of the interface are changed: notification bar, lock screen, contacts, sound effects and more a multitude, all with an excellent level of detail.

An iOS almost perfect
The most important question is: my device will turn an iPhone? No, it won’t, but it’s going to get very, very close. For more similar to be, CleanUI is still a theme and not change literally every aspect of your smartphone. Some Android native applications will not have its interface changes, and not everything works perfectly as on iOS.

CleanUI is very beautiful and functional, but may have performance problems. Are not things that cause frustration, but certainly are notable. To unlock the appliance using the command “slide to unlock”, for example, small crashes can occur occasionally.

Bugs and occasional problems
One of the problems we found was out of squeezing application the button “back” of Android, which often crashes the theme. The notifications do not appear all as they should, and often we get without seeing some. This can be circumvented in application settings, changing some elements or returning the default notification system of your device.

There is another major point of attention for this application: If you use password to unlock, it will be gone when applying the theme. Therefore, your device is unprotected. To enter the lock again, you must do the same process to the problem above: perform some changes in CleanUI settings.

May seem small, but it’s a nuisance having to manually configure elements that could be active by default. There are major changes in the aesthetic and functional application, but unfortunately the most effective need to be activated by the user.

CleanUI is one of the best themes of today and one of the most effective in mirror Apple’s operating system Android devices. There are many changes with a high level of detail, but unfortunately some require an effort to work. If you are a fan of iOS, but I don’t have an iPhone, this is the perfect application for you.

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