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Review: MySelf, the accessory to do perfect with smartphone selfies

Part of today’s smartphones now come with front camera of 5 MP or more. Even with that, however, they don’t always manage to make good pictures, due to the cheap lenses that the manufacturers put or simply

Quick Access Popup

The Quick Access Popup is a menu that can be accessed quickly with a keyboard shortcut, allowing you to open folders, documents, Web sites and favorite apps with just a click. It works like this: you set


Caliber is a digital book Manager for Mac that brings a large number of resources for you to organize your e-books without having a lot of work. He is able not only to keep everything organized, but


The CuteDJ is a handy tool both for those who want a simpler and player who likes to play with sound being played; that is, it can be used both by amateurs or by those who wish