Caliber is a digital book Manager for Mac that brings a large number of resources for you to organize your e-books without having a lot of work.

He is able not only to keep everything organized, but also to facilitate the search, convert formats, content publishers group, languages, authors and still allow the use of tags to facilitate these actions.

Through this application you can still sync your digital books between your computer and a portable device, with support for all major appliances in the genre available today — including smartphones and tablets with Android or iOS.

The program accepts a number of different formats, which guarantees a good tool for managing e-books even if you don’t have a portable player. This means that digital comics, books in PDF files or genre in several other formats can be managed by Caliber.


Management of digital books
The process of managing books around here is virtually automatic. All you need to do is indicate the works that should be included in the library of the program, and they don’t even have to be necessarily in the same folder.

The gauge allows adding a full directory, including subdirectories, of books without any format, from ISBN and even offers an advanced type of addition. In it, you can set numerous details, including creation time metadata standard that will be changed in all the books added.

After all, it is possible to organize the display of books according to title, author name, date added, date, file size, rating, genre, and more. Note Although you can manually edit each of these information, which helps a lot in organizing the material.

Search tools include a search field as context menus, that help you find other books by the same author in the same series, the same Publisher or, finally, marked with the same tag.

Purchase and download

The caliber has a menu by which you get new books, which can be bought or just downloaded (if free). He works with dozens of shops and services of legal sharing, so you can count on a vast database at your disposal. Please search by title, author or keyword and have fun.

Advanced conversion

One of the coolest features is the gauge conversion. There are seven categories in which you can interfere, changing appearance, placement patterns and shore based on estimates, page settings, detection of structure, creation of contents, search and replace terms and, finally, configuration of the output file.

Obviously, you do not need to use all of these features at once, but if deems necessary, can perform all these changes at once in a single file or in several of them.

Direct connection with device

You can keep the program connected to a device, exchanging information and keeping both up to date. In addition, you can use a folder as system device, for example one in which you assemble your digital books. This allows you to always have updated your database appears in the caliber.

What’s new in version 2.0

The gauge is a tool that can be used for numerous purposes, including reading ebooks, convert them, manage them and buy them. In its latest update, the software won a new editing function. Now, it is possible to change digital books in EPUB and AZW3 using several different tools.

If you want to, you can also compare books side-by-side, using the. This way, you find differences between two editions or identifies possible changes in content. undue

The application also gained options that allow the direct connection with the Android or tablet with OS X, and it detects and automatically arranges the content stored on these devices. Finally, some minor changes were made to make the caliber more stable and bug-free.