Bootracer is an application to measure the boot time of Windows. With it, you find out how many seconds pass as long as you press the button to switch the machine to the PC have been initialized.

BootRacer comes ready to use, despite some possible configurations. You can choose, for example, if you want to run the analysis only once or whenever the PC starts.

After all the settings, the BootRacer performs the evaluation of speed, viewing reports with all stats to let you in on everything. It is important to note that when you click “Start”, your computer will be reuniciado so that the measurement is made; that is, save all your work before you begin the task.

Run, boot, run!

The program does not accelerate and even slows the start of your operating system: it serves only to measure it. This is an important tool, because you have the ability to know if this process really takes a long time or if it happens within a pattern. With BootRacer, you can configure the measurement in many ways.

If the boot time is less than a minute, nothing needs to be done to improve the computer’s performance. In the opposite situation, search for free space in HD and defragmenting it — in the latter case, try adding more RAM. Reminder: when Windows starts, the BootRacer begins to mark time. Then, wait for the program to indicate when initialization actually ended.

BootRacer Result

You can enable the measurement for all boots or just to the next, display or not the program window during it or leave it running in the background, show values on the screen in real time, report the boot time for Windows event logs, compare automatically with the best time of launch and much more.

In the “Advanced” button on the home screen of BootRacer, you find some advanced configuration options. Finalized the changes, click the “Start” button so that your computer is restarted and the speed with which this happens is measured. This application disregards the time spent on the password screen, since this period may take more or less according to the user.

If you want to have an exact dimension of how long it takes for your computer to connect (from the moment the button is pressed until it is possible to use it), this application is an interesting option. With BootRacer you know in detail how long it takes in each step of the boot, something useful if you want to find solutions to slowness.

For example, if the time before the password screen is much smaller than the seconds spent to start all programs, you may need to disable some startup applications and services, something that helps make the process slower. However, if the weather is well balanced, it could mean that your PC needs even more memory or a defragmentation.

BootRacer is very simple to use and configure, and anyone can do it, even without advanced computer knowledge. He has some advanced settings too, so you can customize the measurements as you prefer. IE: it is possible to say that this application is a prominent option for this type of diagnosis.

Show times separately is something that makes the BootRacer very interesting. In addition, another plus point is he ignore the password screen, since you may end up distracting during the boot and forget the PC for a few minutes in this step. This time would end up giving a completely different diagnosis and false.