All in One Package Tracking Application – 17 Track

We all have ordered things from e-commerce sites like Amazing and AliExpress and the tough part about ordering things from the e-commerce is tracking the package. You have to first get the tracking number from the e-commerce website and then every time, you have to enter the tracking number on the postal website. All this is really time-consuming and complicated but there is an application on Android which can make it really easy for you. The application is 17 Track All in One Package Tracking Application and the application can help you in tracking the package from over 170 postal carriers. Let us have a look at the other features of the application.

Features of 17 Track All in One Package Tracking Application
• The basic use of this application is tracking the packages that you ordered online. The application supports over 220 carriers which means you can track the parcel which you are receiving from one of these 220 carriers. In addition to this, the application is able to populate the carrier itself by simply going through the tracking ID
• It is possible to track multiple packages at a time and this saves a lot of time. You can simply paste the tracking number on the search page and click on the search button to track the packages.
• The application saves your tracking number and you can simply pull down the page to refresh the status of the package.
• It is also possible to share the status of the package with friends and family and you can also add a nickname or you can rename the package that you are receiving. This makes it easy to remember the package in case of multiple packages.
• You can also scan the barcode or the QR code to track the package and the best part is that the application is available in many languages. You can translate the data displayed from one language to another without using any other translator application.
• The application can also send you to alert message in case of the status change of the package and another thing to be noted is that you can install the application on multiple devices and all these devices can be synced together for this particular application.

In terms of review, this is one of the highest rated application on Google Play Store as the application has been reviewed by over 1.02 lakh people and the application has an overall rating of 4.7 stars. In terms of 4 and 5-star reviews, the application has received over 95 thousand 4 star and 5-star reviews. The number of people who have installed the application ranges between 10 lakh and 50 lakh. In addition to this, the application can be installed on a tablet or the phone which is running on android 4.0.3 or above.
If you also like to order things through an online medium then this is a must-have application for you as it can make the tracking easy for you. The user interface of the application is also quite simple and in addition to this, the application is very small in size and hence there are no memory issues that you will face. To download the application, you can click on the download link mentioned below.