Redirect File Organizer Pro

Redirect File Organizer is an application able to redirect any kind of file to specific folders automatically. The program has an amazing capacity and simple to send any type of extension to the right place, without that

All App Messaging App

‘All app’ is a messenger application which allows us to communicate with our friends and family. I would like to dedicate this application for aliens. Because this application is consisted with many special features which impress aliens.

Scheduler For Whatsapp

Whatsapp has became the most popular messenger among people. People share their thoughts and meet their friends and family through whatsapp. Because it’s one of the most convenient method for communication. Whatsapp has more facilities comparing to

Duo alternative app for Facetime From Google

The Duo is an app of Google video, released at the Google i/o event 2016 and integrated with Messenger Google Allo. In addition to the application, the program calls for video was announced along with the Google