9Square for Instagram – An Easy Way to Upload Photos to Grid

You would have certainly come across many Instagram accounts where the people have uploaded the photos in a grid by uploading a series of photos. This certainly looks attractive but it takes a lot of efforts to

G-Download Manager – Enabling Superfast Downloading

Most of the 90s kids would have used a download accelerator during the initial days of the internet revolution and these download managers used to help a lot by enabling faster download even after having slow internet

All in One Package Tracking Application – 17 Track

We all have ordered things from e-commerce sites like Amazing and AliExpress and the tough part about ordering things from the e-commerce is tracking the package. You have to first get the tracking number from the e-commerce

Ant-Theft Alarm: A Foolproof Way to Protect Your Phone

Stolen phones are not common these days and there are many applications which can protect your phone from being stolen. Most of these applications have complex feature and they may not prove to be really reliable. After