UMANG: Application for e-Governance

You must be aware of the fact that Mr. Narendra Modi is pushing the country towards digitalization and he is trying his best to provide all services to the citizens of India through a digital medium. A

Application Review: Convert Web to PDF

There are times when you might require to save a webpage as a PDF version so that you can read it on the go. Like for example, if there is a long article and if you have

BOTIM-No VPN is needed Unblocked Video Call and Voice Call

If you have been to Dubai or China then you would have realized that the WhatsApp doesn’t work in China and in addition to this, Video Call or Calls over WhatsApp cant me made in Dubai. There

Video Editor for Android: Video Editor, Music, Cut, No Crop

There are very few video editor tools which are designed for Android Devices. The one which is available in the market is either expensive or not very user-friendly. In such a case, it becomes almost impossible to