Faceapp Review: Tell A Story With Your Face!

What’s the most important thing about a photo? Your face of course! Pictures can tell about a thousand emotions flowing through your facial expressions. When you are smiling, laughing, looking shocked or amused. Every picture has a

Recorder 4 in 1: Best Android Recording App

In general, a smartphone user might require four different types of recording features in their devices – voice recording, video recording, call recording and screen recording. While most smartphones these days come with native apps for each

Eusing Free Video Converter for a wide format conversion range

Although in 2017 pretty much every device support some basic formats of video, this fact doesn’t eliminate the needs for a video conversion software. The task is so basic that most people opt for a free software,

Redirect File Organizer Pro

Redirect File Organizer is an application able to redirect any kind of file to specific folders automatically. The program has an amazing capacity and simple to send any type of extension to the right place, without that